The Day Before.




A day before a surgery finds me trying to exhaust myself with cleaning, laundry, and anything else I can think of.  It works for me to do stuff that needs to get done while ensuring I’ll sleep well that night.  Over the years I’ve learned that it’s best if I don’t focus too much on the ‘what might happen’ stuff.  So instead I focus on how clean I can get the windows and how many loads of clean clothes I can crank out.

Parker will be having his epiglottis tacked down more aggressively.  They are also going to do a Bronch and check out stuff in that area.  The first time his epiglottis was tacked down proved to be beneficial, but we are still have aspiration pneumonias, so back he goes.


This kid is 40 pounds of pure awesome.

Wednesday at 10:30 MST they’ll be taking him back and if all goes well they’ll bring him back to us a few hours later better than before.

At least that’s how I’m envisioning it.

Your prayers?  We’d love them.


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  1. You kn♥w you have mine. Cannot wait to hear the success stories when you get home ♥

  2. Oh, many, many prayers for you guys. For him, for the surgeons, nurses and techs, and for you as well. I STILL think they should offer parents anti-anxiety meds in the parent waiting room. They could even just pipe it in through the vents.

  3. Good luck tomorrow. Parker will be in our prayers!!!

    Just a question and I’m not trying to be pedantic, but isn’t it still MDT–or did the clocks change on me and I didn’t know?:)

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