The Coming Home

ETA: We’ve had poop! Once yesterday with the help of an enema. And once today with just prune juice on board.

We’re working on a bowel management plan for the Brave Hero. We’re starting with lots of fiber and a daily bolus of prune juice.

I’ll write more on that later.

The days after a hospital stay bring with them a certain rhythm. The settling back in to home. To trust and security.

For Parker there must needs be an emotional healing after the physical healing.


Slowly we work on removing what’s left from our stay. The residuals of needles, tape, and pain


We focus on the gentle, realigning our hearts as well as our equilibrium.


We read, we sing, we paint and we pray. From a very young age Parker has known to fold his arms and bow his head for prayer. He recognizes from whence his strength, courage and blessings of life come.


And slowly, the smiles return. The wings take flight and hope is once again airborne.


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