The Best Post on Sensory Boxes EVER. (maybe)

I LOVE sensory boxes.  When working in pre-schools I used to LOVE coming up with all kinds of exciting things to stick into the big sensory boxes they had.

Teeny little frogs?  With little fish nets?  Snag one.  Stare it down.  Let it loose again.

(Okay. True confession time.  We started with eight teeny frogs.  Ended with six. DON’T tell PETA, k?)


Long pieces of paper with Matchbox cars and painted wheels to ‘drive’?

Cotton balls?

TEN boxes of industrial sized jello mixed with Knox Blox?

Fill up the table with vinegar and then let the kids sprinkle all kinds of colored baking soda in it?

Okay.  Maybe that one was a better idea than actual plan.



Our sensory boxes here really aren’t boxes.  They are big bucket things I bought at a yard sale.

Remember, I am nothing if not cheap.  And quite frankly a wee bit PMS-Y today.

I filled this sensory bucket with things that represent Fall.


Leaves from the Dollar Store (These kinda off-gassed some. They smelled Funky. So I let them air out for a few days outside.)

I would have used real leaves.  But I read this article about spores on real leaves and kids with weak immune systems that put everything in their mouths.

That article scarred me for life I tell ya.


Real pine cones from a local golf course. I stuck these in a plastic bag and stuck that in the freezer for a few days.

Bugs are also a part of my Weird.

Deal with it.

You’ll notice that I have THREE pine cones. Because we are counting to THREE.

Always thinking. That’s me. heh.


Pieces of ribbon in orange and brown…….our colors of the week.

Let me let you in on a HUGE secret.

Sensory tables are just about the sensory.

It’s about the learning that goes on while your kid is making a

huge mess.

uh….being creative. That’s what I meant. Being creative.

There’s sorting to be done!


And matching!


Add a pair of tongs or a set of measuring cups or chop sticks or a little butterfly net……whatever your amazing little brain comes up with and your sensory experience turns into an OT experience.


“OT Without Tears”

It’s the title of a book I’m planning on writing. Perhaps it will earn enough money to buy Parker a new vent. Cause the way a certain Legislative Representative is going it won’t be long until Parker’s is ripped right off of him.

Move over Voldemort, there’s a new He Who Shall Not Be Named here at the Hodson House.

I can’t do as exotic of activities with a trached kid.  And I can just see Parker trying to sneak one of those frogs in his mouth.


BUT, that doesn’t make sensory tables any less of a incredible learning tool.

And I soooo plan on filling ours with green and red jello this year.

WHAT?!  Not enough ideas here for things to fill a sensory table with?

You guys are a hard bunch to please.

But, I’m nothing if not prepared.  And a wee bit PMS-Y.

But I think I mentioned that already.


colored noodles

colored rice

orange lentils and black beans (think Halloween here!)

plastic figures

pieces of wrapping paper and bows

potato flakes


oatmeal and glitter

easter grass

crushed ice

ice cubes

colored ice cubes

ice cubes with little figures frozen in them

pom poms of all sizes


foam fish  water and strainers

colored water and turkey basters

a mixture of corn starch and water

So, whadda YOU gonna put in YOUR sensory tables?

**The CYA Disclaimer: It is important to match what you put into your sensory table with the age and cognitive ability of your child.  Most of the above ideas wouldn’t work with Parker for a variety of reasons.  Your kids’ reasons may be different.  But still consider them.


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