The Battle of the Bills: One Expensive Kid

One of Parker’s sweet friends made this quilt to raffle off on our blog.

All proceeds will go towards Parker’s medical fund.

For each $5.00 donation to Parker’s medical fund your name will be put into the back of one of Parker’s dump trucks, with the winning name to be drawn on October 31!

A GREAT day for a treat, eh?

Donations can be made via the button on the top right hand side of Parker’s blog.

We would love it if you would help to spread the word about this raffle on your blog.

Parker has two procedures scheduled within the next month. One is for new tubes in his ears and some work done on his teeth. Parker’s teeth are damaged due to reflux.

The next procedure will be the second part of his pull-through. This is a biggie and it is anticipated that Parker will be in the hospital for about 7 days. And because PCMC is now requiring that kids with trachs stay in the PICU after a surgery……guess where we will spend the entire time.

Oh yeah. Great goofs will be had by all.

But Parker will come home with a brand new tush. One that works.

All I want for Christmas is a designer heiny for Parker.

Bet Santa doesn’t get that request too often.


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