The All Done Box

Parker has a bad habit of throwing things.  Finished playing with a toy?  Huck it.  Done with that crayon.  Huck it.  Want Mom’s attention?  Pick up something and huck it.  Our solution to my kid’s budding career as a baseball pitcher?  The All Done Box.

Parker's all done box.

It’s nothing fancy.  Just a plastic box with the words ‘Parker’s All Done Box’ taped to it.

Boy, does it work though.

an 'all done' box

There’s not much that Parker hates more than, after hucking something, than having to walk over, pick it up and then walk it to the All Done Box.

Using an 'all done' box.  Special Needs

It’s always nice to find something that works.

Score one for the Mama.

Do you have a kid who loves to throw stuff?  How do you deal with the issue?

PS:  According to Parker’s teacher, throwing can be a form of meeting sensory issues, something we are discovering Parker is full of.  sigh.

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  1. Jaimie says:

    As simple as it is, the being made to go and pick up everything that was thrown (swept, pushed, etc) off of a surface has seemed to be the best “cure” for throwing (it was In my classroom anyways). When my participating in my own SPD occupational therapy, one of the things they taught me might be very helpful to Parker. It involved throwing a medicine ball at a mini trampoline that was anchored up so the bouncy part face you and catching the ball after it bounced. Since a medicine ball might be just a tad too heavy, you could always substitute something lighter That would also bounce and get that satisfying thud of deep input in the arms and chest. I personally preferred to allow the ball to really thud into my chest because I found the sensation very soothing.

  2. Kerry says:

    This is a great idea..My son throws just about everything, especially when he is frustrated with it. Toys, cups, crayons, etc.. I am going to try this and see if it helps. I make him pick up what he throws and he loses it for the day. I know a lot of it is pure frustration some days but it has to stop.

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