I can’t begin to express how thankful I am that Friday has come……and gone.

Our check in time was noon.  And thankfully, everyone was running on time so we weren’t stuck in a teeny little room for hours this time.


It was right about now that I think Parker remembered where he was and what happens next.


To make the time go by faster Parker talked to his sisters on Reed’s phone. Parker LOVES to ‘talk’ on the phone. Lots and lots of “I love yous’ were said.

It is always so hard to hand over your child to those who will be in charge of his life for the next 3 hours. But we did it. After lots and lots and lots of kisses of course.

Reed and I spent a few moments in the chapel. Then down to the Rainbow Cafe we headed.

Friday’s lunch choices were looking a little iffy at best, so I stuck to my usual (and safe) grilled cheese sandwich.

The vast majority of dates Reed and I have had in the last 6 years have been at the Rainbow Cafe over grilled cheeses.

We were counting down the minutes, expecting to have another hour to wait, when the cath lab beeper went off.

I always try and gauge the faces of the nurses coming out of the cath lab to see if I can get a hint about how it went.

I got nothing.

We were led into a small room to meet with the cardiologist. Poor guy didn’t even make it into the room before I was wanting to know if the results were worse than the last caths.

For the first time I can remember, our cardiologist cracked a smile that went from ear to ear.

No, the results were not worse.

They were better.

Much better.

Parker’s pressures aren’t at normal levels, but they are pretty close. With added oxygen, they are even closer.

It was right about then that one of the cath lab nurses poked her head in and asked if we had heard them all cheer when the result came in.

Cardiologist led us up to recovery. As we walked by he kept telling everyone that Parker’s cath results were that he now had MILD pulmonary hypertension instead of his usual SEVERE.

Usually we’ve sit in the PACU after having not so hot cath results given to us.

This time though it was different. And for that I am so very thankful.


True to form, Parker didn’t want anything to do with me after he woke up. So the 4 hour recovery time was spent with Dad rocking and watching his Sesame Street Monsters.

Reed and I also spent a lot of time giving each other goofy grins and high fives.

I’m still having a hard time believing all of this. I keep thinking that I must be dreaming. Then……I get to experience the wonderful realization that I’m not.

(I’ll be honest though.  I will most likely always have a teeny bit of worry in the back of my heart of things getting bad again.)

We won’t be changing his routine any. He’ll still be on O2 24/7. He’ll still be on the vent at night. He’ll still have a g-tube. We’ll still be hunkering down during the sick season.

But now our Brave Hero will have a much greater chance of living a longer and more normal life.

For this I am incredibly thankful. I acknowledge my Father in Heaven’s hand in all of this.

Thank you for your prayers and your faith. Thanks for sticking around even when I’ve been less than fun company.

It’s officially time to add a little joy to our living around here.


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