Thank You

Reed called me a few hours ago and said that the docs up at Primary’s thought Parker could go ahead and come home.

So Rigel and I drove up to PCMC  and brought them home.


Parker is still one very sick kid.

But now he is healthy enough to be one very sick kid at home.

The first time he coughed I was ready to turn around and re-admit him.  But, according to the docs, he’ll sound that way for at least two weeks.

We’ll need to take Parker down to get a CBC drawn to make sure his platelets along with his red and white blood cells are returning to normal levels.

The oncology team didn’t think we had anything to worry about, but I’ll feel better when we are able to point to a clean CBC.

I can’t begin to tell you how much your prayers and support has meant to us.

So I’ll just end with a very heartfelt Thank You.


  1. Janet/kadiera
    Mar 21, 10
  2. Juliette ( Mar 21, 10
  3. Jill Mar 21, 10
  4. Lacey and Jax Mar 21, 10
  5. Janet Mar 21, 10
  6. Steven (aka ike-a-saurus' dad) Mar 21, 10
  7. My name is Sarah Mar 21, 10
  8. Regina Mar 21, 10
  9. Devon Mar 21, 10
  10. Deana Mar 21, 10
  11. Michelle Mar 21, 10
  12. sari Mar 21, 10
  13. Yumi Mar 22, 10
  14. Tami Lewis Mar 22, 10
  15. KYouell Mar 22, 10
  16. Emily Mar 21, 10
  17. Kristin Mar 22, 10
  18. beverly Mar 22, 10
  19. mm Mar 22, 10
  20. Nicki (aka Andrew's Mom) Mar 22, 10
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