Technology and the Child with Special Needs

I’ll admit it.

When it comes to new technology I’m a little slow on the uptake. My usual game plan includes handing any and all tech issues over to one of my kids and offering up a really pathetic “pretty please?”


We all have our Waterloos.

But after doing much research on how technology is helping kids with special needs I started thinking that I needed to up my game in this department a bit.


It must have been kismet, because just as I was thinking this, I WON an iPod Touch from the fantastic folks over at

Mobile mambo is a site dedicated to enriching your communications by using e-tools. And as a matter of fact, they have another contest coming up for an iTunes gift card. You’ll want to keep an eye on their site for all the details!

I have to tell you that in the few short weeks that we’ve had the iPod Touch we have really put this little beauty to good use.

We played Signing Time videos off of You Tube during Parker’s FEES procedure. It made such a rotten procedure a little more tolerable.

I’ve also found some amazing apps beneficial to parenting a child with special needs.

The discovery I am the most excited about is Voice4u.


Voce4u is an augmentative and alternate communication application that helps people with autism, developmental delays, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries from strokes express their feelings, thoughts and things they need.

Think PECS on your iPod Touch and iPhone.

Voice4u comes with preloaded icons OR you can upload your own.

And where conventional AAC devices cost thousands of dollars, Voice4u costs only $29.99.

Hello, sheer genius.

I’m working with Yumi, from Voice4u, on an upcoming review/giveaway. I’ll put Voice4U to the test with our non-verbal Brave Hero and let you know how it goes.

And you know I’ll do it with my usual grace, charm and honesty.

ps: Take a look at the Voice4u website. Then come back and leave any questions you have in the comments section. I’ll address your questions during our trial run!

pss:  Ways to share a little love with Haiti


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