Tales from the organic co-op…….

We feed Parker a blenderized diet made up from as much organics as we can afford. You can read more about it here.


Every other Saturday I make my way to Provo to pick up our co-op order.

I’m working to find the funds to make this a weekly adventure, but until then every other week will have to do.


The strawberries didn’t even make through the day. Yet another reason to try and make this co-op a weekly event.

This week’s haul was fantastic as usual.


Apples and Pears. Gorgeous!

As soon as I get home I wash everything up and do all the chopping, etc. so that it is ready to use straight out of the fridge.


Beets, baby. Did you know you can cook up both the beet greens as well as the actual beet?



Cleaning up the lettuce. I had people already putting in their sandwich orders WITH lettuce, please.


Rainbow chard. Spring must be coming!


Washed, chopped and ready to grab and go! (celery and cauliflower)


Picked up some whole wheat fruit bars too.   Need to find me a recipe for these.  They have dried cranberries and raw sunflower seeds in them.


A near by grocery store was having a killer deal on extra lean hamburger meat. So killer that you had to wait in line and were limited to only 10 pounds.



I sauteed up the rainbow chard, beets, and beet greens in lots of olive oil until tender.


Popped them into the Vita-Mix for Parker to have the next week!

If you are lucky enough to find some rainbow swiss chard in the grocery store be sure to buy a bunch.   Bring it home and wash it up.  Then chop it up and saute it in olive oil with fresh garlic.  Top it off with some sea salt and maybe a bit of fresh lemon juice.    If you love fresh spinach, chances are you’ll like this too!

PS:  I almost forgot.


No bits or pieces went to waste.  Instead they all went to compost.


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