Taking a Sick Day

A certain Brave Hero is sick.  So, we’re taking a sick day.  I’m sure these back to back inversions have played a part in this event.  The air quality this winter has been dismal, sending lots of kids to the hospital.  A group of doctors is petitioning the Utah Legislature to ask for special measures be taking during inversions to help clean up the air.  Between me and you, I don’t see that going any place.   Welcome to Utah.


The cough Parker has is a bit nervous making.  We’ve noticed that the coughing gets even worse after each bolus.  We’re only bolusing half water and half food as Parker isn’t digesting as quickly as usual.  As a matter of fact, Parker is leaking out of his g-tube significantly.  I’m changing his shirt constantly.  Cause we get to have all the fun over here.

So while the theme over here is snot, more snot, coughing till you puke, and g-tube drainage…….the topic over at Simply Preparing is Homemade Pizza!  heh.  I’m sharing all my tricks of the trade to making pizza crust that tastes BETTER than delivery.

Recipe Included.

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  1. I’m sorry Parker is feeling under the weather. Our entire household is down for the count this week too, but I know it’s much different than what Parker must go through. Good thing he has such a great Mom to help take care of him. Hope he feels better soon.

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