Bring on the Hope: World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  3:21 is a day of awareness and gratitude for the progress made in recognizing that a life with an extra chromosome is indeed worth living. It’s a day of bringing on the hope for the not so distant day my child and your child will be viewed as equals. […]

Just another kid on the block: World Down Syndrome Day

A year ago I woke up to the sound of my back door neighbor cutting down all the trees between his fence line and the stream that runs between our homes.  Even though the trees were mainly scrubs, and even though they were on his property I had a few not so neighborly thoughts as […]

An unexpected revelation on my kid’s extra chromosome.

It came across my FB stream via my friend Michelle. I’ve always known that language shapes perception. That is why I fight so hard against the use of the r-word. But this, this never even made my radar. Maybe it’s because I don’t focus on the Down syndrome as much as I do about the […]

World Down Syndrome Day 3.21.12

I spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to say today. Did I want to do a walk down Memory Lane?  Did I want to talk fact vs. myth?  Did I want to talk about the realities of life with a kid and an extra chromosome?  Truth be told, I’m thigh […]

Hold the pity. Please.

I love showing off the awesome that is Parker.  There are days where I could  swear this kid glows with his  love of life.  The joy he radiates is not just contagious, it engulfs you, sweeping you up in a happiness hard to find  in this world.. This is one of the reasons I’m often […]

It’s World Down Syndrome Day!

And we are celebrating over at 5 Minutes For Special Needs! Come and link up YOUR World Down Syndrome Day post and sign up for the giveaway!