Looking for a few good bloggers……

UPDATE: As of Sunday, I’ve passed on all of your names to Yumi.  You should be getting emails with codes enclosed!  Make sure to add a disclaimer to the end of your post telling that this is a sponsored post that you were compensated for and that you received your application from free.  This makes […]

And The Voice4u Winner Is……..

Heather! woot! Winner chosen by random.org Heather, email me at hods 5 mom (at) aol (dot) com!

Giveaway: Voice4u is helping your child Communicate

Read all the way through this post to find out how you can WIN a Voice4u application! (woot!) Parents of children with special needs know the heartache and frustration that often accompanies trying to provide their child with the services and care needed for their child to lead a healthy and productive life. Yumi Kubo […]

This….That….. and Whatever

By the time you read this I will most likely be out. of. the. house. Just typing this is causing me to  hyperventilate with excitement. To add to the awesome, I received an invitation for our family to be included in Sharon Astyk’s new book, Making Home. Sharon’s other books include:  Depletion and Abundance: Life […]

Technology and the Child with Special Needs

I’ll admit it. When it comes to new technology I’m a little slow on the uptake. My usual game plan includes handing any and all tech issues over to one of my kids and offering up a really pathetic “pretty please?” Ahem. We all have our Waterloos. But after doing much research on how technology […]