Dehydrating Pumpkins

We’ve harvested the winter squash and pumpkins. FIFTEEN Pumpkins to be exact. Not too shabby considering the teeny space my kids refer to as ‘the farm’ while rolling their eyes. Most years I have pureed my pumpkins and then frozen them.  It’s a great technique.  But with using this year’s pumpkins in Parker’s blenderized diet […]

Swagbucks, Lakeshore Learning, Discount School Suppy, Vita-Mix and More!

First THANK YOU for all of the amazing ideas as to how to come up with some vocab flashcards for our Brave Hero!  You guys ROCKED! We don’t have a color printer.  We sold the one we had to: a) help with Parker’s medical needs b) well, we couldn’t afford the color ink.  holy smokes […]

Swagbucks and a Vita-Mix

Sunday Update: We’ve downgraded Parker’s status from a Code Red to a Code Orange.  He is still sick, but we pretty confident that we can get through this at home.  At least today we are.  No promises about tomorrow. sigh. Have you heard of Swagbucks? It’s a new way search engine that awards Swag Bucks […]

Dinner Is Served

Ugh. Woke up today with more snow and my head feeling like it is about to explode. I need sunshine, and my garden, and a really powerful decongestant. sigh. But while I’m waiting for Spring to come I thought I’d share with you what we’ve been doing in the kitchen lately. You start with some […]