Lunch with Utah Legislators and YOU’RE invited!

Parents of medically fragile kids with special needs have been invited  to have  lunch with Senator  Dan and Representative Holly Richardson after the Appropriations sub-committee meeting on July 21 in American Fork.    What:  Lunch with a couple of Utah Legislators. When:   July 21  12:30 to 2:00  We are thinking of Zuppas or if […]

Addicted2Scents: A November Raffle for Parker’s Medical Fund!

Parker’s friend Katie is pretty amazing.  Not only does she understand our desires to provide Parker with the best medical care possible, she understands our worries about the cuts being made by a certain local legislative representative that prompted Parker’s Medicaid case worker to suggest we prepare ourselves for the potential loss of Parker’s spot […]

What the Representative from Utah’s District 27 DIDN’T Mention

When I first began blogging, my goal was to show the world that life with an extra chromosome truly is worth living. I  shocked at the number (up to 90%) of terminations sought after a new mother was given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. One of the reasons a new mother may choose abortion […]

Who needs Medicaid…….just host a BBQ to keep your kid alive.

Go HERE for a chance to win a Scentsy Jack O’ Lantern Warmer during Parker’s Scentsy Raffle! Our local Legislative Representative is convinced that Parker’s Medicaid Waiver could be replaced with the charity of neighbors and friends if we just hosted a BBQ (or a Scentsy raffle!) letting everyone know what it takes to keep […]

We Still Have Far To Go: The Story of Baby Doe

April 9th marked a quiet sort of anniversary. It would have been Baby Doe’s 28th birthday. would have If just for a bit of compassion. A bit of courage. Baby Doe was born without his esophagus, a totally repairable condition with a 90% success rate. While most parents wouldn’t question the surgery, Dr. Walter Owens, […]

Utah Legislature Strikes Again

Parents Speak Out Against Disability Cuts KUTV — When you’re the mother of a disabled child, it can consume your whole life. Moms of disabled children told state officials today that cuts in the help they get with their children will affect their well being, and the lives of their families. “It impacts everything in […]