And then she said….

Wednesday was a pretty big day around here.  It was the day that we  share with others the damage done by using the r-word. Yes.  Even if you aren’t talking about Parker, that word stings.  Offends.  Hurts.  And makes you wonder why people are so set on keeping it in their vocabulary.  I hear all […]

Compulsory Abortion

At a time when many throughout the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of their Savior, it came as an even bigger jolt to read this headline in The Reporter, a UK newspaper:  Compulsory abortion for Down’s syndrome foetuses, says UKIP Kent candidate. His ideas, published on his website, state: “Consider compulsory abortion when […]

Advocating Against the R-Word.

Parker’s big sister, McCall has always been a huge advocate for ending the use of the R-word. It hasn’t been easy. Take for example, when on her high school softball team she asked a team mate to please not say the r-word. She was polite, explaining that her little brother had Down syndrome and using […]

Would it kill them to stop doing that? The R-word and it’s derivatives.

Is a lack of consideration the new black of today’s social culture? When I’m really in the mood to raise my blood pressure I’ll find myself reading the comments section of our local Utah newspapers, namely the comments following articles on the topics of education or politics. I don’t know why I do this to […]