Wordless Wednesday: Fifteen

What would 15 be like without the sullen faces? I’d love to find out. Have you entered our super fantastic giveaway from Nova Natural yet? Why not?

WW and SEW: Are We Having Fun Yet?

It can get kinda boring waiting for your big brother to sleep off the night before so you two can FINALLY play.

SEW and WW

Psst…….You can find Parker and I over HERE today too. Parker’s hanging out at an impromptu play date with a few of the guys….. Will Work For Books Often kids with low muscle tone have to work harder to achieve their goals. It’s no different for Parker. Unless, of course, you provide the right incentive: […]

Wordless Wednesday and Special Exposure Wednesday

So. I’m wondering what my shoes taste like.. and….(BLECH!) now I know! And WAIT! Before you go…. Have you heard about the Special Exposure Model Search? No? Well, then CLICK HERE. You’re gonna be sooo excited! Have I EVER led you wrong?

Special Exposure Model Search! A Photo Contest

Special Exposure Wednesday Could YOUR child be the next face of the Special Exposure Wednesday Photo Button? The winning photo will be featured on the large and small version of the Special Exposure button. Imagine, your photo brightening blog sidebars and posts throughout bloggyland. The new blog button featuring the winning photo will be added […]

SEW and WW a Two’fer

This will make SUCH the great black-mail picture when Parker is say…16. But right now it simply makes this mom’s heart melt. And big sister Kenny keeping a loving watch over our Brave Hero. And again I must ask: “Don’t Reed and I make the most beautiful babies?” Want to experience even more amazing pictures? […]