In other news…..

We’re almost a month into Summer vacation here at the Hodson House.  Summer is different these days than it used to be when my kids were little and it seemed as though every spare moment was spent on some sort of sports bleacher watching one or more of my kids play as their Dad worked… [Continue Reading]

Yard Sale Saturday!

My oldest daughter, Bailey and I are heading out for a couple of hours of hitting the yard sales.  She’ll be outfitting a new home soon and is looking for a few things.  I have my list in hand too! Yesterday I came across a box of wide mouth mason jars for .10 cents each. … [Continue Reading]

Therapy Ideas for Children from Yard Sales

I’m a woman on a mission to provide Parker with things he needs to meet his sensory needs, as well as physical (gross motor) and occupational therapy (fine motor) needs. I’m going to be seeking out therapy ideas for children from yard sales and thrift shops. This is Parker’s healthy time of the year.  It’s… [Continue Reading]

Why Parker Loves ThredUp

A few weeks ago I clicked on a referral link to ThredUp from one of my friends.  I needed to purchase new shorts for a certain Brave Hero who has FINALLY outgrown the ones he’s been wearing for the last 2+ years. I’m usually a HUGE thrift store and yard sale girl. Except in my… [Continue Reading]

A Brave Hero’s First Day of School

Wednesday was Parker’s first official day of school. Well, kinda. He arrived at 10:30 and left at 11:30.  Yup.  One entire hour.  Considering Parker’s health, I think that’s pretty remarkable…..for me that is.  (ahem) We did all the usual first day of school stuff: The Traditional First Day of School in front of our front… [Continue Reading]

Buying Artwork at Yard Sales

I love yard sales.  I keep a list all year long of items to look for during the next yard sale season.  This summer my list included artwork for my walls.  I scored and scored big.  woot!  Most of the 5 items I purchased I only needed to clean up some.  But  two of the… [Continue Reading]