Sensory Table Ideas……and Sanity

I see them all over Pinterest.  Sensory table ideas complied with such care as to be considered works of art.  Children playing happily with naught a grain of bird seed out of place.  That’s not always how it is at my house, which is why I finally went on a search of ideas to help […]

A December Sensory Box

I’ve posted before on how to color rice and noodles.  It’s a great way to bring color into a child’s sensory experiences. For Parker’s sensory box in December I’m going to be coloring his rice using a different medium.  I’ll be replacing the alcohol and food coloring with Colorations Liquid Water Colors. This technique is […]

September’s Sensory Table

There’s a lot of learning that can go on in a sensory tub.  Unfortunately, many teachers see sensory tubs as only a preschool/kindergarten activity. You many remember my post on making your own Sensory Tubs on the Cheap.   Sensory tables don’t need to cost a lot.  Before I made this one, I just used […]

Make Your Own Sensory Table On The CHEAP!

It started with a post on Ikea Hackers. After picking up my jaw over the prices of standing sensory tables I went on a hunt for a DIY version of a sensory table. Okay. So this one isn’t as grand as the ones with the $200.00 price tags. But when form runs you more than […]

Creating Your Child’s PERFECT Sensory Room

We are changing out bedrooms downstairs. The 24 year old got married. sob. So the 19 year old is moving into her room And the 22 year old is moving into the 19 year old’s room for the summer. This leaves the teeny little storage room for me to use as a Preschool room for […]