Glowing in the Dark

Last night, after talking to Parker’s PCP, she asked me to take him in for another lung x-ray. Ready and waiting for that x-ray.  Notice that as usual, Parker has taken off his left shoe only. Totally ignore the fact that he has his oxygen tubing in his mouth.  It’s a rotten habit we’re trying […]


I can’t begin to express how thankful I am that Friday has come……and gone. Our check in time was noon.  And thankfully, everyone was running on time so we weren’t stuck in a teeny little room for hours this time. It was right about now that I think Parker remembered where he was and what […]

Faith and a Right Heart Cath

For me, faith is a work in progress. There are some areas of faith that I am exceptionally strong in.  These may be the same areas that others struggle in. I often read of  Moms, who having reached a certain point,  turn the matter over to God, in full faith that His will is best. […]

A date. A time. A right heart cath.

The date is set. The time confirmed. Friday Parker’s cardiologist and the anesthesiologist of our choice will carry our Brave Hero back into the  lab for Parker’s 4th right heart cath. There are good things about this.  The fist thing being that come Saturday this will all be behind us. We’ll know what meds are……and […]

Thirty-six and a Half

Those of us who have kids with special needs tend to celebrate milestones a little differently than our peers raising only typical kids. I’ll never forget when Parker started walking. He was 3.5 years old. We were still celebrating months later. For some reason when your kid has to work so much harder to gain […]

Summer… far.

Summer time at the Hodson House has been full of doctor appointments.  It’s much better to take Parker up to Primary’s in the summer rather than RSV season.  Lately it seems as though there is always some kind of scary going around up there. Thursday was a FEES study for our Brave Hero.  And guess […]