Double for Trouble

“Double for Trouble” is what Parker’s pedi tells us when all hell starts to break out in Parker’s lungs. Heart rate in the stratosphere. Cough. Junky lungs. Overall blech. So we are doubling up the Albuterol.   Not one, but two hits  on the Flovent. And generally feeling sorry for ourselves. But in trying to look […]

Halloween with Special Needs

Don’t forget to enter our Nova Natural Toys + Crafts Giveaway!  Perfect for Christmas! _____ When my older kids were little,  Halloween was a big deal around these parts. A very big deal. Family nights with Halloween treats to anticipate. “Whaddya  goin’ to be?” conversations abounded. Halloween night tradition included lots of my kids’ friends […]

Overshadowing My Joy

Yesterday’s list included the usual. With a couple of extras thrown in. Like my Mom and I making a stop at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We pulled into the Temple parking lot and each of us offered up a prayer from our hearts in behalf of our Brave Hero. Okay. Maybe a little in behalf […]

Think He Likes It?

pssst:  Make sure to enter our GAD BABY cloth diaper giveaway! Make A Wish rocks. You think Parker likes his new play structure? I’m not quite sure…. Lemme know what you think in the comments section.

The Power Of A Cheeto

Who knew that a little puffed bit of orange  could be so enticing. Salty and savory, these curls accomplish something nothing else had be able to do. Convince Parker that eating really was worth the effort. Parker will come up to me and sign eat and then point to the cabinet that keeps those puffs […]

Yard Sales: A Homeschooling Mom’s Best Friend

It’s no secret that I am a lover of sales taking place in the yards and garages of others. June through August here can find lots of these events happening each and every Saturday. Armed with my weekly stash of quarters, and accompanied by my side kick Rigel, I go in search of treasures spanning […]