The Daily Herald and Now I Can

Remember that yard sale we had in August?  The one that took all summer to prepare for?  Well, we’ve made it through our three weeks at Now I Can.  And today The Daily Herald and Now I Can have teamed up to share our story. I am so thankful for everyone who made this experience […]

Now I Can

Our garage is stuffed.  The basement is full.  We’ve made our way through sheets and sheets of pricing stickers.  Even our front porch has become a gathering place for Saturday’s big event. I’m exhausted, but content.  So many have put so much time in love into Parker’s yard sale.  It’s going to be epic.  (I […]

In other news…..

We’re almost a month into Summer vacation here at the Hodson House.  Summer is different these days than it used to be when my kids were little and it seemed as though every spare moment was spent on some sort of sports bleacher watching one or more of my kids play as their Dad worked […]

Yard Sale Fundraiser

On Sunday, after everyone was full of Father’s Day dinner, I gathered my family around and asked them the question.  I was nervous.  I know how much work what I was about to ask of them was going to be.  I also know that Parker’s family is willing to do pretty much anything for this […]

Therapy Ideas for Children from Yard Sales

I’m a woman on a mission to provide Parker with things he needs to meet his sensory needs, as well as physical (gross motor) and occupational therapy (fine motor) needs. I’m going to be seeking out therapy ideas for children from yard sales and thrift shops. This is Parker’s healthy time of the year.  It’s […]

Intensive Therapy

UPDATE:  We spent an hour with Parker at Now I Can today.  Of course the minute Parker walked into the joint he went into total whacked out sensory mode.  It was awful.  It was also an actual smack in the face reminder of the OT my son needs and isn’t receiving. I filled out papers and […]