You’d think it would get easier……

    You think it would get easier with each surgery Parker undergoes. It doesn’t. As a matter of fact I think the more times my kid is put under anesthesia the more stressful it is.  Especially after reading the negative crap that goes on after a kid has been under anesthesia. It always takes […]

Come Tuesday….

He’s starting to feel better. Better is good. Because Parker’s SED rate was twice what it should be he’ll still be heading in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy this Tuesday. While he’s there they are going to go ahead with the BRAVO too. A high SED rate is an indicator of inflammation and infection somewhere […]


Today has been one of those days that you really wish wouldn’t have happened after all. It would have been much nicer to have gone from Wednesday straight to Friday, skipping Thursday all together. We took Parker up to PCMC for another FEES. Even though his swallow study looked great, I long lost trust in […]

And Away We Go!

We are heading up to Primary’s today.  Parker has an appointment with Dr. Daftry, his Pulmo.  This guy is amazing.  He also has a last name that nobody knows how to properly pronounce.  I’ve heard at least 20 variations of it. They told us to bring up all of Parker’s gear to this appointment.  Which […]