Medically fragile children.

I can’t even count all of the times we’ve had to pull Parker out of cracks that could have easily cost him his life if Reed and I hadn’t been diligent and the Spirit so adamant in  demanding our attention. It’s a common pitfall, this falling through the cracks by medically fragile children. When Parker […]

On Egos, Surgeons, and those trying to keep a kid alive.

Dear Surgeon, I brought Parker in to you on Thursday over concerns that he can so easily throw up over his Nissen.  No gagging needed.   Because of this I have had worries that Parker could also be refluxing over his Nissen. During our last appointment with the  GI doctor due to three months of non-stop […]

The Slippery Slope Called Hope

We came back from our Pulmo appointment last week feeling a bit of hope. When you are the parent of a medically fragile child, hope is often that elusive golden ring, sometimes so very close, most times beyond your wildest reach. Dr. Pulmo directs our attention to a  x-ray taken less than a month ago. […]

Saturday Update from room 3071

First, I must do a shout out for the Christmas Pixie that has been visiting our family. Thank you. You have made a very rough, kinda scary holiday hospital stay bearable.  My kids anticipate your nightly visits with great delight. And marvel at your ability to beat feet so quickly after ringing the doorbell. The […]

Update From Room 3071

Surgery went well. Parker was voted the recipient of Today’s Blue Plate Special here at PCMC. That’s cause he was worked on by three different doctors.  He’s got new holes from the top of his trach stoma to the bottom of his belly. Life was rough  for a minute as our Brave Hero made his […]

My Heart In A Nutshell

ETA:  Parker checks in for surgery at 6:00 a.m.  He’s scheduled to be in surgery at 7:30.  He’s first on the list! I’m waiting for the phone call from Primary Children’s that will let us know when Parker’s surgery will be tomorrow. My nerves are a bit frayed today.  But that’s pretty standard for the […]