Medically fragile children.

I can’t even count all of the times we’ve had to pull Parker out of cracks that could have easily cost him his life if Reed and I hadn’t been diligent and the Spirit so adamant in  demanding our attention. It’s a common pitfall, this falling through the cracks by medically fragile children. When Parker […]

Prom and a Prayer

It seems like just yesterday that this young man was just a kid. Deep down inside I think he still is. But shouldn’t there always be a little bit of a kid in all of us? Friday was Prom.  He and the beautiful young lady next to him had a fantastic time.  It wasn’t that […]

How to tell when a Brave Hero is Sick.

Knowing how to tell when a Brave Hero is sick is pretty easy. It’s not the fever. It’s not the snot you find all over your clothes. It’s not the sleepless nights. It’s not the whining. Nope.  How to tell when a Brave Hero is sick has nothing to do with any of the above. […]

10 tips for dealing with chronic illness.

    Let’s face it.  For those of us who have kids with special needs AND chronic illness, there are some days you need a mental health moment.  Or a zillion. Just keepin’ it real. Lori Rappaport, PhD., has put together 10 tips to help cope with the hard days, and celebrate the triumphs.    […]

Behaviors of the concerning sort.

We’ve noticed some behaviors our Brave Hero is sporting lately that are a bit concerning. Little things, that are at the same time big things. Like Parker’s car seat.  Parker LOVES to go for rides in the car.  I used to feel guilty seeing how excited he was to get into his car seat, with […]

Life in the Medically Fragile Lane

I think sometimes people raise a mental eyebrow when I tell them that Parker is a full time job. An often exhausting full time job.   I create med and feeding lists each month.  Yup.  They change that often.  Putting together  a new one each month also allows me to go back in time and […]