Medicaid and my medically fragile kid.

Last week was the big Trach/Vent Clinic where we get to see ENT, Pulmo, a Developmental Doctor and a RT.  It’s a long day but it’s worth it.  A couple of things that happened though, made me wonder about the future of Medicaid. We don’t usually see Pulmo at Primary Childrens Hospital.  Trach/Vent Clinic kind […]

The State of Illinois and the lives of medically fragile kids with special needs.

We’ve all had the experience of needing to cut our household budgets.  We go, line by line, over each dollar spent and where. We put that new pair of shoes off until later.  The pair we have now will last a few more months.  Who really needs this many television channels?  Do we really need […]

Making Medicaid More Transparent: A Question From A Utah Legislator

I was asked to get opinions on this idea by a Legislator.  I will be sharing your comments with this Legislator, so now is your time to allow your ideas to be heard.  When struggling with accountability within the welfare system the lack of transparency (where the money is going and on whose behalf?) makes […]

What is the worth of a life?

As I stood watching a medical team make an assessment of  Parker’s many issues after his first life flight to Primary Medical Center, a Pediatrician made his way toward me and shared this bit of reality: Over 50% of all marriages end after the birth of a child with special needs. Over 50%. This was […]

Things that can drive a special needs Mama to drink…

Across my Twitter stream this morning came the news. All that waits is the official announcement. Carl Wimmer is running for Congress. Wimmer says his exploratory committee has raised more than $100,000, and he likes that he has about 180 individual donors. He declined to be more specific. Let me get this straight.  A man […]

Representative Carl Wimmer Gets It Wrong. Again.

Representative Carl Wimmer has published his  political position on Medicaid.  You can read it  on Carl’s political Facebook page:  Entitlement and health-care. I used to follow Representative Wimmer on his personal Facebook page.  But after accusing another legislator of lying to me, along with telling me to ‘make no mistake, I disagree with you on […]