Finding common ground between your kid and mine.

I took Parker for a walk yesterday. Gone are the days when this kid can survive indoors all the time.  Like his older brothers, Parker wants OUT. Like his other siblings, the doorbell rings and Parker makes a mad dash for the door. Okay, as mad of a dash as one can with 50 feet […]

Why We LOVE Betty Crocker!

Remember last year and Parker’s Make a Wish that came true? The one that Betty Crocker helped to grant? Parker’s adaptive swing set has brought him more joy than I can even express. Parker can make his own way up the Pirate plank. We use time outside swinging as incentive for Parker to sign. Betty […]

Our Brave Hero Makes The News

Highland boy gets his playset wish Our family would like to express our graditude not only to Make a Wish and Betty Crocker, but to all of our friends, neighbors and communtiy for their love and support in our goal to provide Parker with the best medical care possible to one day be healthy…..and just […]

Think He Likes It?

pssst:  Make sure to enter our GAD BABY cloth diaper giveaway! Make A Wish rocks. You think Parker likes his new play structure? I’m not quite sure…. Lemme know what you think in the comments section.

Updates And A Wish About To Come True

I think we turned a corner last night. Parker has been fever free for 24 hours. Which means that healthy can’t be too far away. Although this kid is still producing what seems like gallons of snot. I can hear Reed suctioning him via his trach even as I type. Speaking of trachs, have I […]

The First Swing of Spring

Headed out for the first swing of Spring yesterday. Do you think he liked it? Cause, really, I’d hate to force him to do something he hated. We put a wish request for Parker through Make A Wish. I’d been ask to do this before, but kept thinking really, what does a non verbal kid […]