St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas

I am so thankful for talented people who willing share their hard work on their sites for people like me who home school a medically fragile kid at home.  Or any kid for that matter.  Anyway, welcome to our St. Patrick’s Day Educational Ideas Round-up!   3 has created a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day […]


I love homeschooling Parker.  My philosophy of teaching includes a lot of hands on learning time.  I don’t purchase a curriculum, but rather put together my own each year which includes some pretty great Free Printable Packs that cover all kinds of subjects and holidays. First up is a Free Nativity PreK-K Printable Pack that […]

Homeschooling a child with Down syndrome.

Every 4 months or so I block out a couple of days for planning Parker’s home school curriculum.  You’d think that in that much time I’d be able to knock out the entire year.  Nope.  No such luck.  It takes time to translate Parker’s IEP,  find the patterns I need, figure out new ways of […]

Alphabet Letters

We were working on picking out specific alphabet letters in an array of three.  Parker was nailing each and every query I gave him.  We were ready to wind up the experience and so I told him that after one more time we’d be all done.    I offered up the challenge, Parker handed me the […]

A New Home School Year

I’ve learned quite a few things in my years of being a Home School Mama to a medically fragile child with special needs. I’ve learned that like a Boy Scout, my motto must be “Be Prepared.”  That is the Scout motto, right? Anyway, I find that if I don’t have every single thing planned out […]

Homeschooling my child with special needs.

We took Parker to school last week.  Not every day and not all day long.  Nope.  A couple of days and a couple of hours per day.  By Friday Parker was sick.  By Sunday he was sicker.  When my medically fragile kid gets sick during the healthy season, I know that homeschooling my child with […]