In other news…..

We’re almost a month into Summer vacation here at the Hodson House.  Summer is different these days than it used to be when my kids were little and it seemed as though every spare moment was spent on some sort of sports bleacher watching one or more of my kids play as their Dad worked […]

A Santa Craft!

I’m all about the texture crafts to help meet Parker’s sensory seeking nature. There some though that I tend to shy away from because of the trach. Like anything with cotton balls. I can just see me trying to explain to Parker’s surgeon that I did in all in the name of creativity as he […]

How we are teaching Parker to read.

The program I’m sharing today isn’t my original idea.  It was taught to me by a spec ed teacher.  I have seen it show up in various parts of other reading programs.  I’ve taken the wheel, and instead of reinventing it, honed it to meet Parker’s unique learning style. I started by taking pictures of […]

Using Light Tables to Engage the Special Needs Learner

My love of yard sales is nothing new.  I spend all winter long making lists of things I need to shop for during the summer…..all at rock bottom (and sometimes even free!) prices. One item on my list for this year was a light table for Parker.  I thought it was a long shot…..finding a […]

I’ll show you ours if you show me yours….

Parker and I are over at our other gig, The Homeschool Post. We are showing you ours.  And we hope you’ll show us yours.

Outfitting a homeschool room by shopping yard sales.

We took the plunge and created an actual homeschooling room for Parker. There are still things I’d love to be able to stock this fabulous space with. One of them was a light table. My friend over at Teach Preschool came up with a way to make her very own light box. Pure genius I […]