Watching Your Health Care Float Away

It’s going to be a squeaker, this Supreme Court heath care decision. It doesn’t matter if you support health care reform or vehemently curse it’s existence. There are going to be consequences if it’s repealed.  Consequences that will be felt especially among some of the weakest in our midst:  medically fragile kids with special needs. […]

What the Representative from Utah’s District 27 DIDN’T Mention

When I first began blogging, my goal was to show the world that life with an extra chromosome truly is worth living. I  shocked at the number (up to 90%) of terminations sought after a new mother was given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. One of the reasons a new mother may choose abortion […]

The Power of One

One good heart. One desire to make a difference. One  talented softball team. All coming together for one little kid. THAT’S the power of ONE. nem-e-sis -noun 1. an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome. Triple Crown Tournament Silver Division Champs Parker’s friend, Brooke, a player for Nemesis, a local girl’s […]

The Fight of Alex Fitzgerald

I lived in Turkey for 3 years while I was growing up. Not on a military base, mind you, but in an apartment building where most of our neighbors were Turks. Living on the economy in Turkey is much different than living anywhere in the US. Not that I’ve lived everywhere in the US, but […]

Speak Now For

Anyone who knows me understands that I am passionate about Childrens Health Care. Health care for ALL children. Regardless of genetic make-up. I was asked to sit in on a conference call discussing the need for the voice of ALL children to be heard as President Obama sets out to reform health care. And being […]

Maybe I Should Quit CNN

I’ll admit it. I’m a news junkie. Some people groove off of old episodes of the Office. Me? It’s CNN all the way. Well, except at night. From now on my nights will belong to Fox News. Glenn Beck’s new home come January. Even in the car I have my radio set to a all […]