Simply Preparing: Garden Seed Sources

Parker and I are over at Simply Preparing today sharing our favorite garden seed sources.  Simply Preparing is a survival blog for disaster and emergency preparedness that I know all of you will really like. Now is the time to start planning this year’s garden.  Come over to Simply Preparing and we’ll give you some […]

Miracles. Gardens. And my kid with special needs.

I woke up early this morning with the need to walk outside to check if the peas I had planted several days ago had make their appearance yet. It’s still a few days before the pea packaging experts claimed they could have pushed their way through the scant .5 inch of soil I carefully covered […]

Right Now

Right now I’m listening to the nurse as she suctions terrifying crud from Parker’s trach.  Again. Right now I’m wondering what to put into Parker’s blenderized diet that would be compatible with another round of antibiotics. Right now I’m remembering the pain of ONE infected ear drum and wondering how my kid can smile while […]