Blenderized Diet and a g-tube fed kid.

I had to make a run to our local health food store today.  I needed to pick up a few essentials for Parker’s blenderized diet.  Goat milk.  Goat milk yogurt.  A not quite week’s worth of apples and oranges, a gallon on milk for my other kids and a bottle of distilled water. The cost? […]

Dehydrated Fruit for a Blenderized Diet

I love creating a blenderized diet each morning for Parker.  I try to go organic as much as I can, using as high quality foods as possible. It can be a challenge to do this on a modest food budget. But it can be done. One strategy I use is gleaning.  Gleaning is basically letting […]

How a Little Blue Wonder Saved My Life

Let’s be honest.  A parent of a medically fragile child with special needs has enough  to deal with without having to spend time cussing at, crying over, taking a sledge hammer to …uh….eternally trouble shooting their kids medical equipment. Case In Point: A certain Zevex Infinity Pump. Continuous night feeds are a major part of […]

Blenderized Diets: Protein

One of the best decisions we’ve ever made is to move Parker from a formula only based diet to a blenderized diet during the day and a formula diet through out the night. If I could figure out get the blenderized diet to work for over night feeds…..well, I’d change that over too. The sources […]

Kefir, Baby.

One thing we have added to Parker’s blenderized diet that has been very beneficial is Kefir.  Kefir is like a drinkable yogurt, except it packs a more powerful punch when made with live Kefir grains. The first few batches of Kefir I made was with the little packets of freeze dried grains from the health […]

Because He’s A Big(ger) Kid Now

Parker decided that he had spent enough time in a highchair, thankyouverymuch.  When we ate at the table he wanted to eat at the table too. So we went broke out the big kid chair.  More like a booster seat that allows Parker to be at the perfect table height. The better to launch his […]