Master teachers come in all sizes.

This is how I picture it in my head.  A loving Heavenly Father looking down at his earthly daughter and wondering why it’s taken her so long to learn patience. And contentment.  And faith.  Especially faith.  He thought for sure that by now she would have  learned what is truly important in this life. He’d… [Continue Reading]

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?  If you could transform your fear into strength and get on with your dreams, what would be the outcome? Being afraid, truly afraid,  wasn’t a part of my life until I heard the words Severe Pulmonary Hypertension spoken the very first time.  Up until then my thought… [Continue Reading]

God is Able

It’s been a pretty sweet few days.  A bit of peace and hope have made their way into my heart.  I’ve been reading some excellent books on faith and it’s connection to gratitude.  Yup.  Gratitude.  It’s  not just for Thanksgiving anymore. I may not know what tomorrow will bring, but today I’m choosing to allow… [Continue Reading]

Popping The Question

I swore to myself that I’d never ask The Question.  My ability to remain hopeful was stronger if I didn’t know.  But after a particularly disappointing heart cath, well……I had to know.  And so I found myself Popping The Question.  The question where I ask how long a Brave Hero with disappointing cath results could… [Continue Reading]

Making my way out the other end: Faith

Things have turned for the better around here.  Parker is still producing grand amounts of snot, but we’ve been able to keep him home.  The EKG is still on Monday, but my heart’s a little bit calmer about that. I tend to go through periods where I find myself needing to grow my faith.  Periods… [Continue Reading]

Mountains to Climb

I came across this short video, Mountains to Climb, that touched my heart in ways I don’t even have the words to express. I believe that there are times when truths are put in such ways as to address our spirits and mere language is unable to do justice to what is truly being expressed…. [Continue Reading]