Anxiety Conference

Last week I was able to attend an anxiety  conference at UVU with a sweet friend.  It was very serendipitous  how it all played out, and for that I am grateful.   Cause me and anxiety?  BFFs, baby.  BFFs. There are several things I’d like to share with you as to what I learned at the… [Continue Reading]

Master teachers come in all sizes.

This is how I picture it in my head.  A loving Heavenly Father looking down at his earthly daughter and wondering why it’s taken her so long to learn patience. And contentment.  And faith.  Especially faith.  He thought for sure that by now she would have  learned what is truly important in this life. He’d… [Continue Reading]

Montessori Inspired Following Directions Activity

Each week we take Parker to my parents house for his daily lessons.  My Mom works with him a lot on OT skills.  This Tuesday however she changed it up some and created a Montessori inspired following directions activity.  It’s important that Parker learn how to follow directions and complete tasks.  He’ll be the first… [Continue Reading]

Special Needs Homeschooling

Special needs homeschooling in our family came about because of the fragility of Parker’s health.  Sending him to school for two days turned into two weeks of being sick.  Then the whooping cough outbreaks began.  Plain and simple, a case of whooping cough would kill Parker.  And, yes, we do vaccinate, but unless everyone chooses… [Continue Reading]

Blenderized Diet Question

A blenderized diet is receiving more and more respect these days.  Instead of a hospital dietician giving you the stink eye when you mention that you create your kids formula, we’ve been met with nods of encouragement when we talk about Parker’s blenderized diet. I received a BD question the other day and I thought… [Continue Reading]

Special Needs Friendly Valentines Day.

I always have grand intentions for Valentines Day.  I have the greatest sugar cookie recipe known to man and I envision myself baking up a storm and piping the clean crisp names of each potential owner on their cookies.  Then reality sets in.  Oh, well.  Several of Parker’s friends with special  needs can’t eat by… [Continue Reading]