Snow Painting

It happened.  Finally.  It snowed.  Snow.  Finally Not so much as to be a hassle.  Not too little to notice. Just enough. Snow used to be a sensory nightmare for a certain Brave Hero. It’s better now. Except that gloves aren’t tolerated. Even if hands are cold to the verge of frozen. Instead my littlest […]

Using Light Tables to Engage the Special Needs Learner

My love of yard sales is nothing new.  I spend all winter long making lists of things I need to shop for during the summer…..all at rock bottom (and sometimes even free!) prices. One item on my list for this year was a light table for Parker.  I thought it was a long shot…..finding a […]

And we have a WiNNeR!

Debbie from Northwest Florida Family’s of Down syndrome come on down! has chosen YOU as the winner of our Discount School Supply giveaway! Parker and I have NO doubt that you will love Discount School Supply every bit as much as we do!

Giving Away GREAT Stuff from Discount School Supply!

We are giving away some amazingness from Discount School Supply! Directions on how to enter are at the end of this post. It’s easy!  Pinky Swear! ______________________ I’ve blogged many times about my insane love for all things Discount School Supply. And the love just keeps growing. Have you seen Discount School Supply’s Special Needs […]

Discount School Supply Winner!

The winner of our Discount School Supply giveaway is: Number 15 Tami Lewis Enjoy! Tami was chosen by

This….That….. and Whatever

By the time you read this I will most likely be out. of. the. house. Just typing this is causing me to  hyperventilate with excitement. To add to the awesome, I received an invitation for our family to be included in Sharon Astyk’s new book, Making Home. Sharon’s other books include:  Depletion and Abundance: Life […]