Potty Training

Potting Training.  Just the words can make me cringe in despair.  I know this kid is ready to be trained, it’s me who’s dragging my feet.  I’ll admit it, I have no idea how to potty train this medically fragile kid with special needs of mine. It kind of seems like one. more. thing. for […]

Gad Baby Winner!

The winner of our Gad Baby diaper giveaway is Nancy S, as chosen by Random.com. I’ll be getting in touch, Nancy! Enjoy!

Gad Baby Diapers!: Diaper Review and Giveaway!

Comments are closed! Looking for a BULLET PROOF diaper? Keep Reading GAD Baby Diapers are one of my favorite brand of cloth diapers.   When I think GAD I put them up there with diaper making legend. And I dream of having an entire stash of these babies. Because a working tush that cost us the […]

Conversations Without Words

Parker and I are sharing our Conversations Without Words at today’s 5 Minutes For Special Needs.com And did you know that at 5 Minutes For Special Needs we have Fuzzibunz. For Free. Enter our Giveaway!