Breathing in Style

I was watching a show the other day where three different couples had redesigned a part of their homes and invited designers in to decide which couple would get the biggest bang of a return from their design dollars.  I sometimes like to watch design shows, but I tend to lean toward the ones where […]


When I look out any of my windows I see what looks like fog, but is actually smog….winters in Utah often mean weather inversions. A weather inversion basically means that there is a ‘lid’ over the mountains that refuses to let anything from car exhaust to industrial output leave.  We are stuck in a haze […]

Choosing what’s most valuable.

I started my day with a Diet Coke and a handful of stale popcorn.  Breakfast of Champions?  Nope.  Breakfast of a Mama who has been dealing with what has been coming out of a certain Brave Hero’s nether regions since early this morning….yup. Smelly stuff comes with Parker’s territory.   What’s a few wilted nasal hairs […]

Why I hate cardiology appointments.

Yesterday was the day.  One of the 4 days a year I dread the most.  Parker’s cardiology appointment.  Don’t get me wrong.  We love our cardiologist.  We just hate what he has to say.  Then there is the pesky fact that I often find myself trying to translate what he is saying.  I often leave […]

Asthma and the medically fragile kid with special needs.

It starts out slowly.  Instead of staying within it’s normal parameters it begins to cycle.  From the 60’s to the 70’s.  That’s all it takes to get my attention. Parker’s sleeping heart rate always foreshadows an upcoming concern. If we’re lucky it will return to it’s normal and I can lower my terror alert down […]

Mornings With Parker

Parker’s been fighting the latest version of the creeping crud. Every morning, before his nap, and before bed, we do vest treatments with our Brave Hero.  This helps to loosen up the junk in his lungs so that we can suction it out. Days that he is sick, we do vest treatments a couple of […]