Real Life Heroes

Here’s to all the Heroes. The littlest ones among us. Their Mamas and their Papas. The brothers and the sisters. Behind every Super Hero are many who offer love, support, prayers … and advocacy. Thank you.

What goes up….doesn’t always want to come down…..

      Parker loves to hike up his pirate plank.  Up, up, up he goes.   However the whole coming down the pirate plank has never been met with the same kind of  enthusiasm.   Our Hero is a fighter though.  He’s working on walking back down that plank.  He’s overcoming his fears and trusting […]

Worrying about zebras: Medically fragile children and special needs

    It was a heart breaking sight. A Brave Hero with coban and a cotton ball snugly wedged inside each elbow cranny. Twice they poked him. Twice they failed. The kid simply refused to bleed. We walked out of the hospital Reed, Parker and I, holding hands in a horizontal line of support. Blood […]

Where you’ll find my kid.

Before I get to far into this post, I wanted to comment on Parker’s hair.  I was hoping that maybe, just maybe 7 would be the magic age during which to grow out the Brave Hero’s hair.  I imagined thick hair cut in the style of cool.  Alas, Parker’s hair still grows straight…out.  Think dandelion.  […]