EPSDT: Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

I received a phone call today asking questions about Parker’s feeding needs.  I usually get calls like this each month before they send out his formula and feeding supplies.  They ask what his height is.  They ask what his weight is.  Then the conversation took a bit of an unusual turn with them asking how… [Continue Reading]

Blenderized Diet and a g-tube fed kid.

I had to make a run to our local health food store today.  I needed to pick up a few essentials for Parker’s blenderized diet.  Goat milk.  Goat milk yogurt.  A not quite week’s worth of apples and oranges, a gallon on milk for my other kids and a bottle of distilled water. The cost?… [Continue Reading]

A New Year at Praying for Parker!

  We are looking at a New Year here at Praying for Parker with lots of thoughtful planning and excitement for a new start. My biggest goal for this New Year at Praying for Parker is to offer up posts that include inspiration, great ideas and a sense community for families of children with special… [Continue Reading]

What I feed my g-tube enhanced kid.

My g-tube enhanced Brave Hero has done so well on the blenderized diet I prepare for him daily. He lost a significant amount of weight from being sick so many times this season, but we are back up 2 pounds…..two more to go before we are back to his baseline! I use this for Parker’s… [Continue Reading]

Weight Gain and the Child with Special Needs

Parker was almost up to 37 pounds. So very close. The weight gain happy dancing was in full force. Then he got sick. Pneumonia. Pseudomonas. That damn Adenovirus that came with a 12 days of diarreha and zofran just to keep the meds down. Before we we knew it Parker had lost down to skin… [Continue Reading]

Tales from the organic co-op…….

We feed Parker a blenderized diet made up from as much organics as we can afford. You can read more about it here. ______________________________________________ Every other Saturday I make my way to Provo to pick up our co-op order. I’m working to find the funds to make this a weekly adventure, but until then every… [Continue Reading]