What the garden gives.

    This year’s garden was……well, interesting.  With Parker sick so much this season there just wasn’t time to weed and make pretty.  I’ll admit, I like straight weed free rows reminiscent of something you might find on the cover of Urban Gardening. It started out looking grand. Instead we had weeds up to our… [Continue Reading]

Have you priced a can of green beans lately?

  I picked up a grocery store sales flyer the other day and saw a can of green beans on special for .99 cents. One puny can. .99   Suddenly all the work to grow our own green beans didn’t seem so bad. We already have the jars, many of them given to us when… [Continue Reading]

Surburban Gardening Hodson Style

By now I usually have my entire garden in.  Tomatoes.  Peppers.  Vines.  Greens. Onions.  Garlic. Unfortunately the weather here has been so bizarre (I’m wearing a sweatshirt as I type this) that all I have in are my cold weather crops.  Okay. Perhaps the word crops is going a bit overboard.  But it does kinda… [Continue Reading]

How to Plant Onions

We’ve been busy planting.  All kinds of goodness just starting to make it’s debut. One bit of goodness coming up are onions!  We planted white, yellow and purple onion bulbs! Onions are so easy to plant and give you such a great return on your time and effort. How to Plant Onions Loosen the soil… [Continue Reading]

From The Garden

One of the best reasons to garden has to do with the self sufficiency it affords you. Need fresh garlic for a recipe? Just walk out your backdoor and harvest some. Cause nothing but the freshest is worthy of this Brisket, Baby. <—-  Click there to grab the how to’s of making this most drool… [Continue Reading]

I Don’t Know About You

but this is totally the reason I had kids. The soon to be 14 year old……….. was joined by the brand new 18 year old. Slave Labor. It’s a good thing.