Summer… far.

Summer time at the Hodson House has been full of doctor appointments.  It’s much better to take Parker up to Primary’s in the summer rather than RSV season.  Lately it seems as though there is always some kind of scary going around up there. Thursday was a FEES study for our Brave Hero.  And guess […]

Why I hate cardiology appointments.

Yesterday was the day.  One of the 4 days a year I dread the most.  Parker’s cardiology appointment.  Don’t get me wrong.  We love our cardiologist.  We just hate what he has to say.  Then there is the pesky fact that I often find myself trying to translate what he is saying.  I often leave […]

Asthma and the medically fragile kid with special needs.

It starts out slowly.  Instead of staying within it’s normal parameters it begins to cycle.  From the 60’s to the 70’s.  That’s all it takes to get my attention. Parker’s sleeping heart rate always foreshadows an upcoming concern. If we’re lucky it will return to it’s normal and I can lower my terror alert down […]

Superstitous Much?

I set the timer to go off each hour on the hour. This ensures that I never miss a bolus feeding or a dose of Parker’s medication. Our daily schedule makes  nurses at the hospital look at me as though I’m missing more than just a few marbles. “Why, ” they ask, “don’t you just […]