In Which I Plead For Your Ideas

He’ll match them. He’ll identify them. He’ll sort them. He’ll stack them. But for the life of me I can’t get this kid to sign them. The tension mounts and I resort to pleading. Parker’s will is always the last one standing. We’re trying to get Parker to sign his colors. It’s the last item […]


I admit it.  I love me some CNN. I mean just because I don’t get out often enough to know what is going on in my own neighborhood doesn’t mean I can’t keep up on all the ways Obama is screwing us over………uh, current events. However, Parker’s taste in television is a bit different from […]

Poetry In The Form Of Motion

Speech with Parker is a battle of the wills. Signing can be frustrating as well. This kid knows that I pretty much always know what he wants so why should he actually have to ask? And waste all that energy, you know? But we’ve discovered how to work around the stubborn. When really motivated Parker […]


Parker has decided that his preferred means of communication is throwing things. Tick him off? Whop! There goes a wooden dinosaur right up the side of Dad’s head. Don’t read him a book at the exact moment he makes the request? Bing! That book suddenly bounces off your nose. After a few go arounds with […]

This Kid Is Sooo Four

Look at this face. Parker is as typically four as any other kid is or ever has been. He wants to do it all. On his own. And when he can’t, it breaks his heart. He sees what his brothers and sisters are doing, and he thinks he can do it too. Even if he […]