Hold the pity. Please.

I love showing off the awesome that is Parker.  There are days where I could  swear this kid glows with his  love of life.  The joy he radiates is not just contagious, it engulfs you, sweeping you up in a happiness hard to find  in this world.. This is one of the reasons I’m often […]

Dear Target, I love you.

I get it.   Brands may not be sure how to reach out to the special needs community.  They may be afraid unintentionally stumbling, or engaging in a verbal misstep.  A lot of people are. Some kids have extra chromosomes.  Some kids are missing a bit of one……or more.  Some kids can’t handle tags on […]

You KNOW you’re a Special Needs Mama when…

We are home from the hospital.  Brave Hero is still sick, but we are (knock on wood) managing it all at home.  I’ll update on Parker a little bit later today.  But first…….     Recently my Twitter stream was overcome with truths concerning life with a child with special needs.   I’m sharing them with […]

Because I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The 19 year old blogs. Just like her Mama. She’s also one of  Parker’s biggest advocates. I’m going to link you to McCall’s blog today. She’s written a post on ending the r word. And you know what? I couldn’t have said it better myself. Adventures of the Mick  

Mom It Forward: A Place to Advocate for Your Kid and Maybe Even Change the World

I’ve written about Mom It Forward before. It a place that’s Changing The World One Mom at a Time. Even special needs moms. Yup. We were given our own thread over at the MIF forums. No longer are we lost in the sea of typical parenting. Jyl, the founder of Mom it Forward, recognized that […]

Advocates in the making…..

I’ve watched lately as my older kids have taken a stand on their friend’s use of the ‘r’ word in everyday life. I’ve watched as some of their friends have defended their right to throw the word ‘retard’ around at will. This isn’t about Parker, they insist.  Parker is sooo cute! Except, that excuse really […]