From the files of WTH?

I’m over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs today. If you have a kid with Down syndrome, or ANY other disability, you NEED to read this. Seriously.

Our House

We are over at 5 Minutes For Special Needs today talking about our house and our neighborhood. Come and join us? Oh. And before I forget. I finally gathered up my mad computer skillz and am really and truly up at running over at Twitter. We go by ParkerMama. Come on over and hang out […]

Someone I’d Like You Meet:

But you’ll have to go here. Sneaky, no? You’ll love this Mom. I promise.

The Kid and His Art

This week I introduced Parker to some new ‘all in one paint brushes.’ These brushes have the washable paint inside of them, so all a kid has to do is paint! Uh. Yeah. We are still working on the proper grip thing. And notice how Parker’s art pad is bigger than he is? sigh…. Yeah. […]