Surburban Gardening Hodson Style

By now I usually have my entire garden in.  Tomatoes.  Peppers.  Vines.  Greens. Onions.  Garlic.

Unfortunately the weather here has been so bizarre (I’m wearing a sweatshirt as I type this) that all I have in are my cold weather crops.  Okay. Perhaps the word crops is going a bit overboard.  But it does kinda make me sound like I know what I’m doing, dontcha’ think?

I’m going to admit, I’m a bit of a seed snob.  This can be an expensive thing to be, so this summer I plan on upping my seed saving skills.


I purchased these at the end of last season at my local health food store.


Tip: Before planting your seeds, make little markers for them. I used some of Parker’s craft sticks. Now I know you are thinking that you’ll remember what you planted and where you planted it. But when everything starts coming up and all looks the same……you’ll thank me.


When planting little seeds like lettuce, kale and chard, you don’t want to plant them too deeply. I usually loosen up the dirt a few inches down and then fill it back in. Then I plant my rows and just barely cover those seeds. It helped that on the day I planted these it was raining.

You can also ‘scatter sow’ your teeny lettuce seeds. This is simply tossing out your seeds and then using a rake to gently mix a bit of dirt with your seeds. You are covering your seeds……but not burying them.


Look! Worms! We have lots of them! A true blessing for a gardener.


Another Tip: Draw a rough sketch of what you planted where. Yup even after you’ve stuck your markers in. NEXT season you’ll want to know what you planted where so you can rotate your crops….er….rows.

Be sure to keep your seed packets! This will make sure you know how to properly thin each item you planted.


Just to prove that I practice what I preach….

This is where I should show you a picture of how great all my cold weather crops are doing. But it’s raining again and I don’t want to get all wet trying to take a picture. I know. I’m nothing if not lazy. And dry. heh.

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