ETA: I spoke too soon. Last night found Parker throwing up all night long. We have a script for Zofran now and an order to check things out to see if his C-diff is acting up again. We are s-l-o-w-l-y trying to add in some Pedialite.

Yeah. I’ll be spending all day patting on a certain little teeny tiny designer hiney. It is the only thing that calms him when he isn’t feeling well. This poor little kid.

Parker has had a rough few days. He’d been running a fever that was in the 104 range without any Tylenol, and down to the 102 range with the stuff.

He’d been to the doctor. Had lots of tests ran. Blood cultures included. Each test came back showing nothing wrong.

But his lungs sounded terrible. Rales. Rales. And more rales. And that fever.

We spent last night on the phone with the on call doctor. We were totally prepared to take Parker to his Pedi this morning and have her tell us to take him up to PCMC.

But about 3 a.m., we noticed that Parker’s heart rated had gone down. Then his O2 levels became a little easier to maintain. Then we noticed his fever had broke. Such an answer to prayer.

It has still been rough today. Parker obviously doesn’t feel well. But he is so much better than yesterday. And he is right where we want him to be, here with us. Always.


Since Reed was home today I spent some time doing a few things around here. I’ve been trying to bring some beauty into our home without spending any money. Because, you know, we send all of our money to various medical establishments.


But today I took a teapot that my Dad brought back from one of his tours of duty in Vietnam, added a few roses from our back yard…and viola:


Isn’t it amazing what a girl can do when desperation…..uh, I mean inspiration…….strikes?

Then I spent some time making three huge batches of Pizza Spaghetti Casserole posted by my friend, Barb. (This isn’t a direct link, you’ll have to scroll down her page to find it.) I put one in my freezer for later, one I will give to my Mom when she comes on Friday and the family ate the other for dinner tonight. It received two thumbs up. Since sausage and cheese aren’t exactly Weight Watchers friendly I had a big plate of fruit for dinner.

Well, I need to put on my walking shoes and get out and put my time in. Walking in the mornings simply isn’t working out. So evening is my new time to get my activity points. One thing I have discovered is that Weight Watchers works much better when I am exercising. I’m down 30 pounds, but I have a long way to go.

But I figure if I can lose 30 pounds then surely I can lose the rest I need to. Size 8’s here I come!


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