Static Standing

For thirty minutes a day at Now I Can Parker has been practicing his static standing.  Static standing requires him to remain still in a stationary position.  And when I say stationary I mean like a statue.  They have him latched to this stander with weights down by his feet to make sure he is posture perfect.

correct posture in a static stander

I’m told a static stander improves circulation to the internal organs and heightens the sense of balance. Time in the static stander also helps with Parker’s floppy joints.

standing in a static stander with weights

It’s supposed to help Parker understand where his body is in space.

A little boy with Down syndrome

It’s humbling to know that this Hero of mine trusts me during through every single decision I make for him……even the uncomfortable ones.

a little boy who hates standing in a static stander

How does Parker feel about the daily 30 in the static stander.  Well, maybe you should tell me.

What therapies does your kid hate, but you put them through it anyway?  How does it make you feel as a parent?

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  1. maria cordner says:

    Love the photos…the expressions say all…Kevin did intense speech therapy when he was about 7…He hated…had fits all the time, once fell a sleep sitting on his chair for a few minutes of exhaustion!

    • I keep expecting Parker to pitch a fit here at Now I Can. But he actually hates to leave this place. It’s just the standing table he doesn’t want anything to do with!

  2. Lisa Bailey says:

    Love Love the pictures! So love that you share the journey with us. My Liam I think could benefit from this type of therapy! So cool to hear about it.

  3. Lisa, it’s nice knowing that you are out there too! And if you can get your Liam into this kind of setting, I’d highly recommend it. It’s been awesome!

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