Spring Break Hodson Style

Reed usually works the week of Spring Break.  No vacations here.  I think most people would be surprised to discover that Reed works a second job on his days off from Alpine School District.

This week though we also packed in some heavy duty get ready for Spring stuff too.


Every year we say we are going to stain this fence. It looks awful. Every year we wind up promising ourselves that for sure we’ll do it next year.

The garden has been tilled.  Kale, Mustard Greens, Parsnips, Chard and Beets have been planted.

A bathroom has been painted.

And we switched  out some old curtain rods for new ones I was able to pick up on clearance…..PLUS 40% off of that……..AND a 10% off coupon.  Made each rod a little over $3.00 each.


I went to DI (think thrift store)  today to look for some platters for the cake stands I’m making for Bailey’s bridal shower.  Alas, they had no non-Christmas themed clear platters.


I stopped by the shorts section.  Happily enough I was able to grab a few pairs of size 4 shorts for $1.50 each.  Not as good as yard sale prices, but nothing like the price tag I would have seen if I had been at Gymboree either.


Without a cloth diaper Parker could easily fit a size 3.  With that cloth diaper he needs at least a size 4.  Yes, those size 4 shorts come halfway down his leg, but luckily longer shorts are cool right now.  phew.


The bigger sized shorts do help to hide Parker’s serious case of Chicken Legs.



Reed and I have been listening closely to the budget cut wars going on lately. We had to crack up when Shaun Hannity talked about how offended he was that the Democrats are ‘fear mongering’ on the issue that kids like Parker would lose their health insurance if the Ryan cuts go through.

“We don’t want to DO AWAY with Medicaid, just get rid of the losers.” (Okay, I paraphrased that. But that was the message.)*


Been to Utah lately Shaun? Many members of the Tea Party would like nothing more than to end the waivers that 79 kids plus Parker receive in the State of Utah. Yup. 80 kids out of all the kids in the State of Utah.

Their answer?

Private donations.

Yet each time I ask these people to step up and sponsor or volunteer to be the chief  fundraiser for one of the kids on a Waiver in this state……well, let’s just say I’m still waiting. I mean, it’s THEIR plan. THEIR idea. THEIR goal to end Medicaid.

Wouldn’t you think they would stand up and show us how it’s done?

Lead by example?


Personally I think actions speak way louder than words. Especially when a child’s life hangs in the balance.

*I support block grants to each State as per the Ryan plan.  I support the States having control and getting the Federal government out of the business of Medicaid.  I support dealing with fraud and waste.  I support families lightening their Medicaid footprint via avenues such as the Special Needs Undergrounds.


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