Splish! Splash!

Parker finally out grew the first tub he used as a newborn. We tried the sink but he was slippin’ and sliding’ if we weren’t constantly holding on to him. We felt that he was still too little to go into the big tub even with a tub ring. 

So after searching high and low for the perfect solution, we found this at a warehouse blowout extravaganza! (That’s just a creative way of saying it was really cheap!) It is a tub that Parker can sit up in and have a real bath! If you look closely in the back of the tub you can see the towel I put back there to take up the extra room that Parker doesn’t fill up. He is still just a teeny Hunk of Handsome Hodson. 

It took me longer than I choose to tell to figure out how to get it to work without leaking. But it was well worth the effort! Parker had a blast! So did Mom! Ya-Hoo!


Now to find some bath toys! 

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