Speech Therapy

Parker has speech therapy on Tuesdays.  We’re lucky.  His speech therapist is superb. Parker loves to wear his passey muir valve and really let his voice be heard.

Today’s lesson began with some time at the mirror. This is were Parker works on his lip placement and watches what the therapist does and tries to mimic it.

Um…obviously somebody needs to clean that mirror. I’ll make note of it for the cleaning fairies. (I wish.)

I don’t know about your therapy sessions, but ours always include a hug or two.

Deciding on which picture to ‘tap’ and then listen to it ‘talk’. Some of his choices include: watching a DVD, going down the slide, and reading a book.

Parker chose to bounce on his big exercise ball.

There is no telling how many miles this teeny tiny designer hiney and giant exercise ball have put in together.

But I do know that each and every single one of them were accompanied by a giant smile.

Tell me about your kid’s therapies? Do they come to you? Do you go to them? What kind of things do your therapists do to engage your child?


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