Special Needs Parenting

For the last couple of years the faucet of our kitchen sink has leaked.  Not just a little under the sink leak.  Nope.  This leaked so badly that the ceiling in our family room has had a hole in it with a bucket on the carpet underneath to catch the drips from the faucet above.

You’d think we would have repaired this leak the minute we discovered it.  We would have liked to.  It was a matter of cash to purchase a new faucet.  There were items on our to-do list that, believe it or not, needed to be done before the constant drip in our basement could be fixed.

Finally the stars aligned.  We had saved up the money for a new faucet and Reed had a block of time to be able to do the repair himself.   A few hours, a whole lot of elbow grease and the leak is no more.

A little boy having his oxygen checked

There were days that leak would drive me up a wall.  But until the time was right, there wasn’t much I could do to fix it. I just had to keep working towards that goal ofbeing able to get a new faucet.

Sometimes the best thing a girl can do is to not worry.  Just breathe.  Have faith that everything will work out for the best.

A little boy with Down syndrome taking a walk with his oxygen tubing

This is a theme that keeps popping up in my life, which tells me that it’s one of many tests I’ve yet to master, this infinite power of hope.

I made a promise, when Parker was born, to do everything and anything to make sure this Brave Hero of mine has the opportunity to reach the vastness of his potential.

A rabbit puppet for special needs

I knew he wouldn’t be able to do it alone though.  He’d need me to be willing, in part at least,  to lose myself in order for him to meet the measure of his creation.

Some days I get frustrated that my goals for Parker still seem so far away. I get discouraged that we don’t have the financial means to provide Parker with the therapies that would be so beneficial to him.   It drives me up a wall.  Until the time is right, I can’t do much to fix it, I just have to keep working  and holding tight to the goal of  Parker achieving  his potential.

A little boy with special needs

Don’t worry.

Just breathe.

Have faith that everything will work out for the best.

I’m pretty sure the wisdom above should my Special Needs Parenting mantra.

 “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

Christopher Reeve (1952-2004)


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